London Mural Festival Days 1-3

Hello ! I thought I better make some blog post about the few first days at the London mural festival..

so the last two weeks I have been in quarantine at my brothers house! Surprisingly I have got so much work done in that time and also been working on a new website as I will be releasing new prints and work !

So as soon as my quarantine ended I headed to London on the train and checked into my hotel! Citizen M is sponsoring the event and it’s a very art based accomadation they collect art from artists around the world so it’s nice colourful environment to be at … always a bonus .

Day 1 ! Tues 8th sept !

I headed to my wall and got a lift with the global street art ground team! They dropped me with my boxes of paint and left me on site with a photographer George and also a ground team guy to help with moving materials, the lift , food, and speaking with public ! So it’s great when there is people around helping with such tasks

The lift didn’t work ! So i waited for two hours until the operation team arrived and solved it then I was on my way.

I spent the rest of that day getting a grid on the wall so that my design is in the right position to my design and by 4.30 we started to pack away, by the time we had put all the equipment away and moved the lift it was hitting 5.30 ! So i hit the train back to the hotel and flopped ..

Day 2 – weds

Most of my Wednesday was getting. Everything in place ! I was beginning to feel quite tired at 3 and was working in the sun but ate some good food from Pret A Manger ! They have a great delivery service and took a turmeric tea … nice boost

I headed off again for 5 but got a little lost in my way back to the hotel ! My phone had died but luckily I found my way back it was only a short distance also ! I’m not used to the city ???? again it was great to just lie down …

That evening I did an interview with global street arts team for the Citizen m hotel! I probably said something daft … will be interesting to see how much I cringe when I see the footage ????


Day 3 :Thursday

Yesterday I began to add Color’s ! And some base tones ! It was hot again and a few public grabbed me to chat , it seems the locals are really happy and excited to see the end result ..!

We wrapped everything up for 4.30 again and it was 6pm by the time I was back,

The plan was to visit and meet all the team and artists at the global street art offices that evening but everyone staggered in late as most people are busy with their walls !

However it was great to see the offices ! And chat with the all the organisers and a few artists, there is no time for late social when at an early stage of a wall ! .. so after an hour I went back to get my rest

I will make another post about the Global street art offices as they was super interesting and also I will begin making some video footage now I have some structure to the project

🙂 over and out ! ????

sarah I'm an all round creative. Specialising in street art and graphic design! I like to focus on projects connected with the environment and nature the most!

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