Well the last few weeks have gone so quickly since i got back from working on my last mural projects, I have been focusing on private design projects, my new prints which are available in my online shop and also tweaking and improving my new website !  

Autumn  is definitely a gorgeous time of year, The golden yellow and red colours and blue skies are so inspiring, I have a few illustration projects lined up – One I am working on is for a Bear Rescue Sanctuary in Bulgaria, and a childrens Hospice in the UK, 

I will share the illustrations i make for these soon. They will be released as material for them to use in their own promotional merchandise to raise money for their cause. In the meantime ! back in the painting studio, we decorated it up and invited the local kids to call past to collect sweets ! I also offered a prize to the village for the best spooky drawing !! we had a few awesome entries and the kids was happy with their drawing prizes.  

My plan for November is to make more illustrations and paintings, The lockdown across different countries is restricting me with some mural projects still, and so it seems that i will be pretty much a like a bear in my cave this winter… which suits me fine as long as I am working at the same time. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am also testing out my skills in winter vegetable growing.  

I wish you happy colourful  autumn, ๐Ÿ‚  stay warm and leafy 


sarah I'm an all round creative. Specialising in street art and graphic design! I like to focus on projects connected with the environment and nature the most!

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