In 2021 I was part of an exhibition with DEFRA in the National History Museum Sofia – For which I produced the Bee Eater Canvas, which sold within the show. This year I have been invited to hold a Solo Exhibition, Which I am more than pleased to accept as I was preparing to hold a solo show in 2022.

The artwork I will show will be a mixture of new nature and animals which I find the strongest connection and appeal to paint, and some which I am already fond of with previous artworks and projects

The artworks will be produced with spray paint and mixed media and presented in the month of June.

My visit to the gallery was fun, as the museum is also an important landmark for one of Sofias oldest Archeological sites,

I will elaborate more on the location very soon !



@faunagraphic I am visiting the regional history museum gallery #Bulgaria #adayinthelife #millenialsoftiktok #sofiabulgaria #artistsontik #streetartist #viral ♬ Bulgarian – Bashie

sarah I'm an all round creative. Specialising in street art and graphic design! I like to focus on projects connected with the environment and nature the most!

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