A quick post for a video I made, Before I left for the UK – The canvas will soon be available to buy on my website.. for now it is still part of the Sofia Nature Exhibition in Bulgaria . 

Method : Here I am using a stencil cap on the top of my of my spraycan, 

You can make your own stencil cap or buy one

It can come in quite useful for building up fine detail on small areas with the spraycan, 

I much prefer to paint larger surfaces as the stencil cap does create build up of excess paint that you have tip out before it spills over the side of the can.  I have learnt to use it with minimal waste and keep it to a minimum, but it does take time to get used to it. 

I have been asked why don’t I use the airbrush on canvas.  I have tried the airbrush in the past, but it is completely different.  It does not cover the same surface area, it takes longer, and also it involves plenty cleaning or flushing, and it has a different effect. 

Tip:  If you are wanting to match spraypaint with a color to use with paint brush…If you have some old brushes you can spray into a lid or a small pot and use the spraypaint on the brush, however the brush will not be able to be used again once the spraypaint begins to dry.  

Suggestion:  If you want to really mixed up spraypaint and acrylic brushwork you can try the Liquitex range, but this brand of spraypaint is not suitable for exterior walls.


sarah I'm an all round creative. Specialising in street art and graphic design! I like to focus on projects connected with the environment and nature the most!

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