Happy New Year ! 

I wish all of you reading this the best for 2021 !

From early this year everyone was hit with all kinds of restrictions and changes to their usual schedules and lifestyle… It turned life upside down for many people, and there has been all levels of problems for many people…  

For me personally I could not carry out many of my mural projects, and alot of work i would of got put on hold or cancelled, as it has with many creative people. All my flights was cancelled, and I had my children out of school homeschooling… 

I have adapted quickly to the current situation, and actually done things i was wanting to do but faster, so that i can continue to earn money remotely. 

Alot of what was holding me back from producing new prints, making a new website, producing canvas and more video footage was a lack of confidence and making excuses that something I was doing was not good enough, but over the last 18 months little by little, planning, time management and confidence has helped not to over think everything I want to do and just do it..  Even if it means a bird leg looks a bit wonky on a sketch.  

So if anything 2020 has shown me that my creative bubble is strong and bright enough to keep me floating… 

So little by little, I have released new wall prints, illustration prints, and produced new paintings..  I have mastered the GoPro and taken much enjoyment in filming and excited to make more mini videos of all the creative moments, to encourage and inspire others to follow their own dreams if they are not already doing so…

So once again thank you for supporting my artwork especially through 2020! and I hope that you will continue to be my patrons into 2021 !

Please feel free to make suggestions on for posts you may like to see ! 

Stay safe and colourful 🙂 

Fauna  x 



sarah I'm an all round creative. Specialising in street art and graphic design! I like to focus on projects connected with the environment and nature the most!

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