Hi there, I have not been frequent with making posts on Patreon the last 3 months, I have been very busy though and made plenty draft posts which need finishing! Now i have more things rolling in the background which was important, I should have more time to make something interesting to read if you enjoy my artwork! 

Firstly I have been working to build a collection of prints, which start with the small bird series, I plan to make 4-6 illustrations of small birds this year, then produce a different bird type series like water birds , or medium size birds such as woodpeckers, blackbirds – and a chosen bird of prey, visit the online shop to see the prints !

The artworks have also been made available as cushions and mugs currently, and I hope to expand into different products over time once i have built up the illustration portfolio collection! 

Currently I have a few different projects on the go, including some mural projects planned in England, Once the weather becomes nicer i hope to complete these ! 

I am invited to a event in Paris in May to paint at an environmental event over 2 days – https://gravity-festival.org/ – There will be 2 canvases large and small available to buy which will be prepared for the event, one 3 metre artwork will be painted at the venue. 

Id love to see your feedback on the current birds i have created! And what birds you would love to see next!  

I will post a discount code for the prints for Patreons only ! 

Watch out for a few more catch up posts ! 

sarah I'm an all round creative. Specialising in street art and graphic design! I like to focus on projects connected with the environment and nature the most!

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